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The Wiesbaden Association of Good Neighbors is a private non-profit - German-American organization beneficial to the community. It was founded by prominent German personalities involved in public life and members of the U.S. military in 1956. Even though only men are granted membership, women and guests are always cordially invited to attend all organized events.



Our goal is to serve the cause of freedom and achieve "good neighbor" status among Wiesbaden's understanding citizens, and of a special importance is the preservation of German-American friendships.



In order to meet the statuatory goal and the mutual understanding between Germans and Americans as well of members of other Nations, especially those that speak English, the Wiesbaden Association of Good Neighbors wants to provide opportunities for personal contact through its programs and the articulation of general but interesting topics to create opportunities to explore and get to know the City of Wiesbaden and its surrounding economic an cultural institutions.

On the first Thursday of every month, members meet for a Stammtisch (regular meeting)

When possible, an event is scheduled every third Thursday of every month where the Culb hosts a guest speaker who presents a topic of current interest, or a visit to a business, or as the case may be, an institution such as the City Theatre, City Fire Department, City utility provider, a newspaper publisher, AFN, ZDF etc., and/or festive Dinner such as the traditional Christmas dinner or the annual Asparagus Dinner in the summer.

In previous years the main event of the year used to be the annual German-American Fastnachtsball during the Fasching season in the Wiesbaden Kurhaus. Today it is the Good Neighbors Golf Tournament that takes place in the late summer at the Rheinblick Golf Course in Wiesbaden.

The Wiesbaden Association of Good Neighbors regulary supports the German-American Student Exchange Program of the Federation of German-American Clubs as well as making donations for local American and German institutions such as the American Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers (BOSS) program or the German ZORA project which offers counseling for girls and young woman in crisis and/or conflict situations, between 12 and 25 years of age, from all cultural situations and nationalities.



The Club is managed by a board of Executive Officers who are voted into office for a two year period, an report only to the membership of the organization. Next elections will be held in September 2004.

The official language is English.

Annual membership dues are currently set at 40.



Any male with good reputation and who actively acknowledges the goals of the Wiesbaden Association of Good Neighbors. Interested prospective members complete and submit an application to the Secretary's office. Following active participation at two of the events the Executive Board makes a determination to accept the potential member.


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